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Brigham Health Sleep Reading Center

As part of the Brigham and Women's Hospital Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, the Sleep Reading Center (SRC) serves as a vibrant and productive research center for investigations related to sleep disorders and outcomes in large clinical studies.

The SRC has worked on numerous analytic studies with a wide variety of sponsors, including the National Institutes of Health and industry. The SRC ensures internal quality control and compliance with industry regulations for all studies. The SRC team also works closely with sponsors to ensure timely deliverables for each project. A selected list of prior and ongoing investigations is shown below.

SRC Publications See a full list of publications on PubMed .

The SRC research group is comprised of faculty physicians, research fellows, polysomnography technicians, and project management staff. Each year, research fellows and faculty present their work at national and international scientific meetings and publish in high-impact sleep and medical journals. All members of the SRC group benefit from the rich array of education, research, and training resources available at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, the Harvard Medical School, and campus-wide Harvard affiliated institutions. Since Dr. Redline started the first sleep reading center, the SRC research group has contributed to the publication of over 200 original articles.

To learn more about research and training opportunities at the SRC, please email Dr. Susan Redline.

Select SRC Publications include:


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CPAP adherence monitoring

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