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Brigham Health Sleep Reading Center

The primary mission of the Sleep Reading Center (SRC) is to partner with research teams to ensure that the highest quality sleep data are collected, analyzed and reported in order to advance the understanding of sleep and health.

Since 1994, the SRC has led all aspects of sleep data acquisition and processing for numerous large-scale observational studies and clinical trials for both adult and pediatric study populations. The SRC was the first major research PSG center supporting large studies funded by the National Institutes of Health. During the last 23 years, our team has developed rigorous approaches for obtaining, processing, and scoring of polysomnograms in multi-center studies; implemented methods for training, certification, and quality improvement to achieve highly standardized, accurate, and reliable data collection across multiple sites; and assisted with the development of sophisticated informatics platforms to support multi-site clinical research. As our portfolio of services has expanded, we have successfully applied these approaches to our other service offerings.